Success Through Sales
by Belinda Smith, C21 Office Manager

Not many of you know, but I was not always an Office Manager and numbers lady. I too was in sales. I joined Mary Kay® Cosmetics as a sales consultant and went on to develop a winning sales team, joining the top 2% of all Mary Kay consultants to become a Sales Director and Car Winner! My team, “Belinda’s Dream Achievers” – named after a beautiful pink rose, was a group of over thirty motivated ladies, excited about serving their clients and customers. I recruited and trained team members to help them achieve whatever they wanted in their Mary Kay careers. I held monthly “success meetings” with my team to recognize achievement and share successful sales techniques. Many of my team members are still achieving their goals in sales today. In fact, I am still associated with Mary Kay Cosmetics today and receive commissions on my team. So, I understand and appreciate what it takes to be successful in sales. I recognize and appreciate the great work and achievements that our agents do. The power of having strong goals, developing a strategy for achieving them, and working to make it happen is not a career meant for everyone, but for those with the strength of character and vision, it can be an exciting way to success. I am glad to be a part of your efforts to achieve your dreams, and I want to help you achieve them in any way I can.