I Love My Job!
by Bob Mueller, Broker

Sure, I like to play golf………but not every day.

I like to go fishing…………….but not every day.

I like to go on vacation……..but not all the time.

You know what I like to do all the time? Help C21 Northside agents improve their lives by helping them increase their earnings and still have time to enjoy living.

Despite some changes we had a very good first quarter. Sales are up and opportunities are great. The many new programs we have initiated to help agents increase earnings (SkySlope, Coaching, Caring trainers, Enhanced Agent Recruiting Programs, Mentoring, etc.) are just the beginning.

I am fully engaged on an everyday basis; and I am loving it. Our staff, Jeff, Jim, Belinda and Ricardo,are all committed to your success. The atmosphere in the office is happy and training, help, and encouragement is readily available. Those of you that come in regularly know that, and I enthusiastically invite those that are new or hanging back out of fear or uncertainty to please come in regularly. This is a great business and C21 Northside is the best place to pursue your career.