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Century 21 Northside Agent Profile: Lisa G. Morales
Hard work and perservance: Lisa's keys to success!
by Susan Gibson, Communications Director, Century 21 Northside

Lisa Morales has worked hard to become a successful Real Estate Professional and million-dollar producer. A Hispanic female and San Antonio native, growing up on San Antonio’s south side in the 80’s, Lisa comes from humble beginnings and says things haven’t always been easy. She attributes many of her early experiences as having shaped her into the woman she is today – always striving to provide a better life for her family and setting a good example for young women to emulate as they work to achieve success.

The middle child of 6 children, Lisa learned early in life that hard work and perseverance would be the key to becoming successful. Her parents taught her to take pride in whatever she chose to do in life. It was this ingrained attitude that that led Lisa to be the first member of her family to graduate from high school, earn an A.A. Degree, and obtain a B.S. Degree in Business Administration.

“My family is my WHY!”

Lisa married her high school sweetheart Jerry Morales in 1988, and the two are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. Throughout their marriage, Lisa and Jerry have had the good fortune to explore much of the US as well as other countries due to their years of affiliation with the Army. Lisa feels their lives have been greatly enriched by exposure to different cultures and customs and close ties with their Army family.  Lisa and Jerry have three children, Victoria, Isabel and Luis Carlos. Lisa said, "My family is my WHY!"

After 20 years of Civil Service, Lisa decided to obtain a deferred retirement and seek a new career path. She obtained a Real Estate license in 2014. “I chose it as a career path because of the opportunities it provided for a disciplined, self-driven individual who is willing to work hard to succeed,” Lisa said. “Real Estate provides those opportunities as well as the ability to serve the city I love.”

In striving to provide a better life for her family, Lisa has always worked to maintain her core values. Even through all of life’s challenges as a military spouse for 20-plus years, being a mother of 3 and now working as a Real Estate professional, she says those core values of hard work and perseverance have continued to foster her success in both Real Estate and in life.

Lisa says working in Real Estate can be difficult, but it also can be a very fulfilling career if you are willing to work hard and maintain a steadfast attitude. This is regardless of the initial obstacles that face new real estate professionals in the field.

“I want every client to know that above everything else I represent them and I have their best interest at heart in every facet of the process.”

One of Lisa’s core strengths is that she focusses on all of San Antonio. As a native, she is familiar with the city, has watched it grow from a city of 934,000 population to 1.4 million and become the 7th largest city in the US (according to the 2016 Census Bureau). Lisa focusses on both listings and sales of properties between $50,000 and $350,000. Although she mainly deals in residential properties, she has also sold commercial properties and she loves the opportunity, especially in a large city such as San Antonio. “No transaction is ever the same, therefore I continue to learn from every transaction in which I am involved,” Lisa said.

Lisa recalled that her first client was a referral from a friend.  Through that initial referral she was able to get two more referrals, and she was off and running. While the majority of Lisa’s clients came through her Broker in the beginning, now that she is established a significant number of her clients are referrals from past homebuyers. Lisa is steadfast in what she feels works for her: phone duty, calling expireds, FSBOs and maintaining contact with her sphere of influence – all instrumental in helping her continue to grow her business.

Lisa works at putting her clients at ease. She works hard to not only present her years of experience in Real Estate, but also to earn her client’s trust and build a relationship. “I want every client to know that above everything else I represent them and have their best interest at heart in every facet of the process.” Lisa said.

“Our office is unique in that WE ALL strive to ensure WE ARE ALL SUCCESSFUL!”

Since beginning her career with Century 21 Northside, Lisa feels fortunate to work alongside other Real Estate agents and management who have both mentored and guided her along the way to becoming a successful Real Estate professional. “Coaching and mentoring and having our Broker always accessible to us to listen and provide guidance is important. Our office is unique in that WE ALL strive to ensure WE ARE ALL SUCCESSFUL! If one person doesn’t have an answer, there is always someone else who does,” Lisa said. One day Lisa hopes to become a broker and own a brokerage.

An integral part of Lisa’s career is giving back to the community she loves and serves. She volunteers for Haven for Hope and Donors Choose (a donation program to classrooms in San Antonio that need assistance for books/magazines/etc.). “I believe in giving back to our community and especially to teachers who have dedicated their lives to teaching our children to become successful,” Lisa said. In addition, Lisa gets involved with Angel Tree Donations every holiday with Cornerstone and her church. She usually sponsors 3 to 6 kids.